Attention deficit prescription shortage

ADHD Shortage

A Northland medical professional weighs in on the national shortage of ADHD medication.

There’s a new update on a public health issue as the supply for medications commonly prescribed for ADD and ADHD are falling short of demand.

Millions of Americans rely on Adderall and other generic medications for attention deficit related disorders and federal officials say a nationwide shortage is continuing now into its second year.

“The more recent change is that the medication materials are substrate to manufacture,” explained Dr. Judith Christianson, a physician at St. Luke’s. “The medication has been increasingly in short supply, and manufacturers are also saying that they are simply facing increased demand. “

Locally the limited supply does not appear to be a serious issue, yet.

Attention Deficit prescription shortage

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Dr. Randy Brenny, a pharmacist at Essentia Health said he would certainly not call it a crisis. “To me, crisis is a word to instill fear and I certainly don’t see it being that. I think it’s just some barriers that we’re finding. They are just hurdles that we need to get over for a short term to make sure until we can see some problem resolution in the market.”

He said while they are seeing some inventory issues, Essentia has tools in place that can help their pharmacies mitigate medication shortages.