Anglers were left empty handed from Wisconsin’s fishing opener

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Anglers were left empty handed from Wisconsin’s fishing opener over at Lake Nebagamon. Residents said the fishing was lackluster compared to other fishing openers in the past. The main reason why not many fish were caught range anywhere from cold water temps, ice still melting on lakes, and fish still spawning.

David Little, a resident from Lakeville, and one of the anglers left empty handed, talked more about the fishing opener. “It’s a little slower than normal. With ice out on the lake a couple of days ago, the fish are still kind of lethargic. You kind of find them where you were ice fishing about two weeks ago. So not quite making that spring pattern yet.” Little said. “It was pretty rough. Yesterday was a better day. We had a good bites until about 930. And then the night bites were pretty good. But this morning there was nothing, no biting.”

Lake Nebagamon sees plenty of visitors come through for fishing, and there are plenty of life vests available. “You can come here, grab a life vest. Obviously, safety on the water is very important.” Little said. “So if you don’t have them, you can just you can borrow them here. And then at the end of the day, they just ask you to return to the box.”

Tom Rice, another one of the anglers left empty handed talked about Wisconsin fishing openers in the past compared to this year’s. “Normally we have warmer water than this, and the fish are done spawning, but they’re spawning right now. Sometimes we get 50 to 100 walleyes in opening day this year. This year they’re spawning. So it’s tough” Rice said.

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