4 officers injured removing protesters at University of Wisconsin in Madison

The University of Wisconsin-Madison campus police spokesperson Marc Lovicott says four officers were injured Wednesday and at least at least a dozen people have been arrested during protests in a central square on campus. Police removed tents erected by protesters.

Police pushed into the protesters with shields Wednesday morning, resulting in a scrum. Protesters chanted “students hold your ground” and “long live Palestine.”

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Lovicott said a state trooper was hit in the head with a skateboard and three sheriff’s deputies suffered injuries “directly related to the physical resistance from protesters.”

Police removed all but one tent while clashing with the demonstrators. But scores of protesters resumed chanting and, a few hours later, had erected more tents on the square. The protesters’ tents and belongings were loaded into a dump truck.

The university said camping is prohibited under campus policy and state law and Lovicott said police plan to continue monitoring the protests.