16 year-old girl injured after vehicle crashes into moose

A 16 year-old girl is being treated for non-life threatening injuries after the vehicle she was riding in crashed into a moose.

The Minnesota State Patrol says that three vehicles were involved in the incident. A Kia Forte was travelling Northbound on Highway 53 at Milepost 52. This is near Wilson Road and Heikkila Lake near Eveleth, Minnesota.

Authorities say that when the moose entered the road, the Kia crashed into the moose causing heavy damage to the car. The driver of the vehicle is not suffering any injuries. This is the vehicle the 16 year-old had been riding in.

The second vehicle, a Buick Encore, then hit the moose in the road as well. The driver and passengers of the Buick do not suffer any injuries.

The third vehicle, a GMC Terrain swerved into a nearby ditch without crashing into any vehicles or the moose.

The 16 year-old girl has been taken to Essentia Health where she is being treated for non-life threatening injuries.

The St. Louis County Sheriff’s Office, Central Lakes Fire department, Virginia ambulance, Eveleth ambulance and the Eveleth Fire department all helped to assist at the scene.