Universities of Wisconsin system has launched a website for online courses

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — The Universities of Wisconsin have launched a new website listing all online courses available across the system’s 13 campuses, system officials announced Wednesday.

The website, online.wisconsin.edu, lists more than 200 online programs, including courses in 10 associate, 99 bachelor and 95 master programs. The site includes links to the campuses that offer the courses.

The site went live on Feb. 1. System President Jay Rothman said in a statement Tuesday that the site will help UW market online programs to prospective students around the world.

“It’s (the site) important as we look at meeting students where they’re at if we’re going to win the war for talent,” Rothman said in a telephone interview. “This allows another point of accessibility.”

Years of declining enrollment and a lack of state aid has left 10 UW campuses facing a combined $18 million deficit by summer. Multiple UW schools closed their two-year satellite campuses over the past year as a cost-saving measure.


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