New state-of-the-art security technology at the Gogebic-Iron Co. Airport

Michigan’s Gogebic-Iron County Airport (IWD) is getting some major improvements to their security checkpoint, with a state-of-the-art Advanced Imaging Technology (AIT) machine.

Without physical contact, AIT safely screens passengers for metallic and nonmetallic threats. That includes weapons, explosives, and other objects concealed under layers of clothing. This technology uses non-ionizing radio-frequency energy in the millimeter spectrum, which is safe and meets national health and safety standards.

“Advanced Imaging Technology is an important tool in TSA’s continued efforts to improve the passenger screening process while enhancing security operations,” TSA’s Michigan Federal Security Director Reginald Stephens said.

All AIT units have an algorithm that is designed to enhance privacy by eliminating passenger-specific images. This means the system generates the same generic image for all passengers, streamlines the checkpoint screening process and significantly reduces the number of pat downs due to false alarms.

“We are grateful for TSA’s commitment to our airport to improve the experience for our passengers traveling through the Gogebic-Iron County Airport,” Airport Manager Todd Richter said. “This enhanced equipment will expedite passenger screening with less pat-downs while providing the most up-to-date and comprehensive screening equipment available.”

The checkpoint at IWD also features a Computed Tomography (CT) checkpoint scanner that provides TSA officers with the three-dimensional views of the contents of a carry-on bag. This technology upgrade allows passengers to leave laptops and other electronic devices in their carry-on bags.