UMD’s Phi Sigma Sigma chapter write signs for Honor Flight

The Red Cross of Northeastern Minnesota and UMD’s Phi Sigma Sigma chapter worked together to create signs for Honor Flight. The sorority also wrote letters thanking people who helped donate blood to the Red Cross.

Nearly 40 sorority members from Phi Sigma Sigma volunteered to help support Veterans traveling to Washington D.C. on May 6th. Anna Amberg, the Philanthropy and Services Chairman with UMD’s Phi Sigma Sigma, said the sorority members want to thank Veterans for their service.

“They do an honor flight right here from Duluth. So the veterans get into the plane and they fly to Washington, DC.,” Amberg said. “Then they come home at about 10 o’clock and then greet all of their families and the crowd and everyone in the community. They’ll hold up these posters and they’ll say, welcome home.”

Amberg said some of her family members served in the military. Also other sorority members of Phi Sigma Sigma want to show their support for veterans.

“My grandpa was a veteran, so it’s really nice to kind of like connect with all of this. I would love to like give them a call and tell them about everything that we’re doing,” Amberg said. “I think just kind of helping out our community in any way that we can. I’m sure everyone has their own connection here.”

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