Students at Duluth Marshall School showcase their unique artwork

Students at Duluth Marshall School showcased their fine artwork on Wednesday April 10th. The art on displayed ranging from several creative aspects like music, pottery, painting and more.

Elise Sydow, a senior and president of Marshall’s National Art Honors Society, said students felt a whirlwind of emotions.

“I think everyone should do art in their lifetime. I feel like for me, it’s been a really wonderful cover mechanism. It’s been a really wonderful like outlet,” Sydow said. “They’re completely different ways to be able to create. Explore other things. There are other medias. Something will come to you”

K-12 Students at Duluth Marshall School Fine Arts Showcase open house, exhibited their artwork throughout school hallways. The event also included student musical performances, a pottery wheel demonstration and an art market by members of Marshall’s National Art Honors Society.

“This year we are basically starting from scratch fundraising because we aren’t really given a budget. This is our second fundraiser of the year. Our first one was earlier during our concert or winter concert or holiday concert,” Sydow said. “We’re going on a field trip to Lake Superior Glass Co. down in the canal to be able to do glass blowing. Which would be really cool because it’s an experience that like, if you want to try painting, we have those resources. But we don’t have the resources to just randomly go glass blowing.”

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