Registered sex offender released in Superior

Authorities in Superior are notifying the public that a convicted sex offender has been released into the community. According to the Department of Corrections (DOC,) Jeromy A. Rector was released into the community on October 17, 2023. His offenses were in New Mexico, so there was a delay in the Department of Corrections issuing the notification.

According to a report from the DOC, Rector, 34, now lives at 1900 block of Wisconsin Avenue in Superior. He was convicted in 2016 and 2022. The report says Rector possessed electronic images of child sexual assault. In a prior conviction, Rector exchanged sexually explicit text messages with someone he believed was a 12-year-old female and arranged to meet the intended victim to engage in sexual intercourse, according to authorities. He was arrested at the agreed upon location.

Authorities say Rector will remain under close supervision of local probation agents until October of 2028. He is not allowed to have unsupervised contact with minors, no contact with victims, is not allowed to consume drugs, and has lifetime registration to the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registration Program.

If you have any questions contact the Department of Corrections at 715-828-6112.