Discovering the Vintage Hideaway; The hidden gem in Hermantown

Small Business: Vintage Hideaway

Shop at the Vintage Hideaway in Hermantown.

Over in Hermantown, one antique shop is taking customers to another world.

When you walk into the Vintage Hideaway marketplace you are instantly greeted by a friendly welcome wagon of workers ready to help you make your way through the wonderful world of antiquing. With almost 4 main rooms there’s a lot of product to choose from.

Not only do the owners of Vintage Hideaway sell their antiques, but nine main vendors operate in the space too. All with their own corners of the store. Those nine even feature products from other smaller vendors too.

Vintage Hideaway is located at 3850 Old Midway Rd Hermantown, MN 55810. To find more information on their store you can check out their website.

They are open all year long. Their hours are Thursday- Saturday 10-5pm and Sunday 10-3pm.

And the owners of the store, Nicole and Tony, say there’s almost new things being stocked every week.

As far as what you can find, well… they have furniture, lighting, candles, wall decor, antiques, Christmas decors, vintage items, you name it!

You can also follow them on social media to see what’s coming in and to keep track of their special shopping experiences. Here’s their Facebook and Instagram.