City of Duluth provides update on snow

With the amount of snow that has fallen so far Saturday and Sunday, the City of Duluth has full crews and equipment out to keep main roads open for ambulances, buses, emergency vehicles, etc. Progress has been made on main roads and some residential roads, with roughly 4,000 miles of routes covered so far. Work will continue throughout the day as snow continues, eventually tapering off in the evening.

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The City of Duluth encourages residents to do their part with street maintenance operations by moving their cars from the odd side of the road to the even side between 4 pm and 8 pm today.

“We know that with this much snow, moving your vehicle is difficult, and we ask that residents do their best to ensure that plows can efficiently get into those narrow neighborhoods to clear residential streets,” the City of Duluth said in a Sunday morning press release. “Doing so will prevent crews from getting equipment stuck in neighborhoods with cars parked on both sides of the road.”

Property owners and residents are asked to shovel snow from sidewalks abutting their properties 24 hours after a snow event so that residents who rely on pedestrian travel can do so safely. Details on the city’s snow and ice policy can be found here.

The City thanks residents for their patience and understanding as crews work to maintain roads during these snow events.

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With the current travel conditions, some events and church services have been cancelled. Here is a list of cancellations.

The City of Superior provides tracking for its four main winter patrol trucks online and on the City of Superior app.