City of Duluth opens proposals for Lester Park area

The City of Duluth is taking requests for proposals to lead the planning, development, design, and build-out of 37 acres of Lester Park Golf Course.

The Duluth Economic Development Authority (DEDA) is extending an invitation for proposals from qualified developers, development teams, or other qualified entities to serve as Master Developer. They’d be responsible for this largescale transformative development opportunity.

“Lester is an incredible opportunity for a transformative development of housing for families and seniors while also preserving the adjacent hundreds of acres of open green space for all residents,” said Mayor Emily Larson. “The City continues to prioritize housing throughout the City and we look forward to finding a qualified partner for Lester and working with them to move this development forward.”

“The City is looking for a developer who, along with their team, will be able to transform this property into a housing community that complements the character of Duluth, its parkland surrounding the property, and the character of its residents while adhering to the governing principles of the City’s comprehensive Imagine Duluth 2035 plan,” said Senior Housing Developer Theresa Bajda. “As we state in the RFP, the City is primarily interested in high-quality and safe residential development for persons of all income levels, including families and seniors. We’re hoping for and encouraging projects that include a complementary mix of residential development such as single and multi-family dwellings, twin-homes, townhomes, and the like, as well as commercial uses with an emphasis on affordable multi-family residential projects. We’re very eager and excited to see what kinds of proposals this exciting opportunity will garner.”

Requests for proposals can be submitted on the City of Duluth’s website, under the “Current Bids and Projects” menu. The deadline for questions from developers is Thursday, September 7. Final written responses are due Thursday, September 14. Development proposals are due Thursday, September 21 at 4:00pm, when the review committee may request interviews for proposal presentation.