Woman in East Range Police custody after a stabbing in Aurora

Sunday, a large police presence was spotted in Aurora, with East Range Authorities were searching for a female suspect.

At around 1:00 pm, the East Range Police Department responded to the report of a stabbing at 16 Main St N in Aurora, MN. A 63-year-old male victim was found in an apartment with a stab wound in the abdomen. He was airlifted to a Duluth hospital where his condition remains unknown at the time of this release.

The suspect, a 27 year-old female had fled on foot from the scene. Officers quickly set up a perimeter and began tracking with K9’s

Police were telling the public to remain clear of the area between S 2nd St E and Forestry Rd, and to remain indoors until an all clear was given. This included putting the local hospital on lockdown.

At around 4:45 The female suspect came out of the heavily wooded area K9’s had been tracking and was taken into custody. The suspect received medical attention for exposure and other minor injuries. 

Around 4:00pm the East Range Police Department made the announcement that she was taken into custody and an all clear was given to residents.

Suspect and victim names will be released after formal charging.