‘A Doll’s House Part 2’ marks DPH Underground’s first show at Zeitgeist

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Opening Friday February 24th, ‘A Doll’s House Part 2’ marks The Duluth Playhouse Underground’s first show to move to the Zeitgeist after years of performing at The Depot.

Executive Director of the Duluth Playhouse, Wes Drummond says, “”There’s a lot that you can do with this space. It’s such a unique shape, and there’s so much you can do to make this space your own. And it’s super intimate, it just feels like a classic Off-Broadway theatre.”

The Zeitgeist is also excited for the new relationship too! Producing Artistic Director, Mary Fox says, “We are right across the street from each other! We can walk across the street and say ‘hey let’s load in the set and let’s get on in here’, and then magic happens.”

The play follows Nora, the main character, who returns to the home she had left 15 years ago. She had left behind her husband and kids after feeling the shackles of traditional societal constraints. Now she makes her return, with a favor to ask of the people she abandoned. 

You can find ticket information for ‘A Doll’s House Part 2’ here.

The sequel serves as a rare aspect in theatre, as most shows don’t get sequels. But the team mentions that you don’t have to see the original play to see this one.

Kendra Carlson the Director of the show says, “I think the play does a really nice job of letting you know what brought Nora, Torvald, and the whole Helmer family to this point. But one of the things I love about this play is that it makes you question your own memories, and so maybe they would want to read ‘A Doll’s House’ after this to figure out who got the story right.”