Congdon Park Crossing Confusion

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Even with new sidewalks and other changes that made a commute to Congdon Park Elementary easier, numerous parents are still concerned with the schools proximity to the busy Superior Street and what that means for children.

“There’s really nothing to get our kids across safely. As of this year, the big issue is the Glenwood slash Snively reroute. So they have a big construction piece going on up there where the earlier this summer they rerouted all that traffic from there to Superior Street,” says Lindsay Ekstrom.

“They have some other crosswalks down below, but those aren’t very… it’s not a busy area, but they do have crosswalks down there. So we are fighting every year to get something on that side because every morning and every afternoon when we’re walking with our kids, it’s super dangerous. We’re constantly having to stop traffic on our own. There’s no crosswalk, there’s no lights, there’s no stop sign,” Ekstrom continues on.

Safety is important and safety is key in preventing anything bad from happening to kids as they cross. Ekstrom finishes with this important note.

“I want to help all kids, Duluth is a city to be proud of and I want us to have all our kids safe to walk and be here.”