Social Bike Rides provide fun opportunities to try different trails, meet new people

Led by Ski Hut, Social Bike Rides are back for the summer, with three different options.

“The Monday night ride is more of a casual mountain bike ride,” said Ski Hut Sales Manager Jake Torch. “It changes locations every week, happens at six, and we just get together as a group with a bunch of locals and we just ride around on the trails.”

For those who want to bike on roads instead of trails, there is another weekly ride on Wednesdays. 

“The Wednesday night rides also happen at six, and those are a bit more on roads and gravel kind of a ride, usually sticking a stick to the shoulders,” said Torch.

The Wednesday night rides are also a bit longer. 

“The Wednesday night rides are typically about 15 to 20 miles, whereas the Monday night rides are about 10 to 15,” said Torch.

New this year will be ladies’ social rides. 

“We’ve really seen throughout the development of our women’s program this need in the community for more women’s specific programs,” explained Ski Hut Marketing Coordinator Jenny Arndt. “That’s something that the ladies actually suggested that we do and kind of requested, and we’re really excited to build that out and get to know some more women in cycling.

These rides will vary week to week. 

“One week we’ll maybe have a beginner trail ride, the next week, intermediate, expert, so on and so forth,” said Arndt. “We’re working on getting those up and running, so dates are to be announced, but you can stay tuned to our socials and our website for updates on those.”

Those interested in Wednesday night rides can contact Ski Hut to get on the email list. for Mondays, you can find the location online and just show up. 

“It builds community. You get a lot of people you can meet, you can meet new friends,” said Torch. “You’re never going so fast that you can’t have a conversation.”