Learning the basics of mountain biking

Learning the basics of mountain biking

From pedal position to navigating curves, there are a few lessons for beginner mountain bikers to learn on the Pump Track before going on the trails.

Just like any sport, mountain biking can be challenging for beginners. Once a mountain biker decides which bike to take on a trail, it must first be set up properly. 

“We want to make sure that the seat height is in a proper position, because if your seat height isn’t correct, it can put pain in places, and it can make you uncomfortable and can also make it so that you’re not pedaling very efficiently,” said mountain biker Jake Torch. “You want to make sure that your hands are up by the cockpit, you’re going to be able to reach the brake levers, that you can reach the shifters, and the dropper posts, that everything like that is ready to go. You also want to make sure that your suspension has been set up properly. Now, if you don’t know how to do this, you can always come down to Ski Hut, and we will help you get the whole thing set up, so you’re ready to go, and ready to ride.”

Torch says it is also important to know the “ready position” ahead of time. This position is when your elbows and knees are bent, and you are ready for any obstacles that come. Another aspect of “ready position” is keeping your pedals level while going downhill.

“It allows your body positioning in ready position to be a little bit more comfortable, it allows you to be a little bit more confident, and then it also makes sure that as you’re running downhill, that pedal isn’t going to be striking any rocks, or dust, or dirt, because that can cause you to crash,” explained Torch.

The pump track at Spirit Mountain is a good location for beginners to practice basic skills before going out on the trails. Other skills that can be worked on in this area are keeping your inside pedal up when going around a corner and approaching it slowly before exiting with speed. Once you feel comfortable going around corners, uphill, and downhill, you will be ready for a beginner trail.