What’s in stock? Local businesses struggle to maintain snow supplies

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With winter in the Northland comes snow – and with snow comes the need to clean it up.

Local businesses say that keeping snow related inventory in stores has been a challenge.

"Since that last snowstorm we had it has just gotten tremendous," said Roger Lundquist, co-owner of Superior’s East End Hardware Hank. "It’s been very difficult to keep product in stock."

So difficult that hardware stores like Lundquist’s have had to make out of town trips themselves to meet demand.

"In fact I had to run down to Rice Lake to bring back snow blowers to sell because the stock is getting low. We keep on getting truck after truck in, but it just keeps on going out the door."

It’s not just snowblowers, shovels, and ice melt that are in high demand: if you’re still looking for ski or snow sport equipment, Continental Ski & Bike in Duluth says consumers should act fast as supply chain is still causing an issue.

"This year was a little more chaotic just because items took longer to come in, or it came in late, or we got little batches here, little batches there," said employee, Jon Haaversen.

Haaversen said that this time last year, their inventory was gone. Since shipping was delayed in 2021, shoppers still have the chance to find the right gear they’re looking for.

"It’s still been really busy, anything we can get sells right away. But if we’ve got your size, come in and get it now because prices are probably going to go up and then on top of that we’re going to run out."

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