Up North: Superior native turns old drag strip into ‘Machines and Caffeine’ event

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A popular racetrack in superior, formerly the home of Copper Creek Motorsports Park and "The Apollo" 1/8 mile drag strip, was abandoned roughly 10 years ago. Has recently been purchased and restored to its former glory by local superior resident Brian Johnson.

“Yeah, it’s something that I wanted my whole life locally is somewhere to play with cars. We obviously have dirt and clay tracks in the area and on the Iron Range and in Superior, but there’s nowhere for people to play with their cars on asphalt,” said track owner Johnson.

The first event on track was held this past Sunday named "Machines and Caffeine" that was a car show accompanied by food and merchandise vendors, showcasing cars of all types.

“There’s a lot more limitations with it. And I really want it to be a little more grassroots. And that’s kind of the feel that you got here is it’s not just tailored to the Ferraris and the Lamborghinis and stuff like that, the big expensive stuff, which we do. We love we love to have things like that out here, but this really more about like every kind of enthusiast,” claimed Jacob Lindquist, Dad Mods Youtuber.

For the enthusiast it’s not only about the cars, but also the people and connections you make at events like this.

“I didn’t expect it, but over time it’s given me the opportunity to be it’s given me the opportunity to be adjacent to really good people in the community, and there’s a ton of them here today. So I’m really proud to be part of this group of people,” added Johnson.

All the while getting together to build one community around the passion of cars.

“You’ll see imports, you’ll see European cars, you’ll see the classics you know, kind of every style and in between. That’s really like the goal of it is to try and like put together like a melting pot of the automotive culture, you know, put it all together. It’s really meant to be multigenerational too,” concluded Lindquist.