Up North: Northlanders use hockey sticks to ‘Golf on Ice’

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With this cold weather and ice recently… The thought of hitting the greens for a round of golf is still a ways away, but how about golfing on ice?

That’s exactly what went down at this past weekends, 32nd annual Bob Maas Golf on Ice.

Over 3 decades ago, Bob Maas took his auger and drilled holes into the lake to shoot tennis balls into, which he called golfing on ice. It’s a pass time that has been frozen in the Northland all these years.

"We are here for the golf on ice we are back here to defend our championship. Typically you start off with a driver and a tennis ball for us former hockey players. I bring out the hockey stick after that for my chip shots and my putting," said ice golfer Ted Anderson.

The frozen tundra of Fish Lake consist of 18 holes, where your driver could be anything from standard clubs, hockey sticks, and even some tennis rackets.

"Honestly just let her fly let her buck, I think golf clubs work best hockey sticks and tennis rackets its golf on ice, you need a golf club," said golfing pair Jennifer Olson and Brooke Demenge.

The tournament only lasts one day, but the turnout was immaculate, consisting of over 20 teams all competing and having fun soaking in those last crisp days of winter

"It’s what you spend all your time waiting to do to is fun stuff like this to get out with your friends and family and have a good time so it’s awesome. It’s very heated we are accused of cheating every year but it’s a good time and good competition and fun," concluded Andersons partner Chris Brown.