UnitedHealthcare drops out of pocket payments for insulin and other drugs

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The Minnesota based UntitedHealthcare group made a groundbreaking announcement saying they are getting rid of out of pocket payments for insulin and other prescription drugs.

This will apply to people who have insurance under United and will begin January 1st.

This announcement comes as insulin prices are as high as ever. Even with deductibles from other insurance companies, people say the cost is still great.

Type II diabetic Kim Bladecki says, "My [deductible] is $65,000 so I have to meet that amount before my insurance jumps in and covers any cost. So otherwise it’s all out of pocket."

Minnesota Senator Tina Smith is applauding United Healthcare’s decision saying, “Lowering the cost of insulin and other lifesaving medications has been a priority of mine since I first came to the Senate in 2018. Eliminating out-of-pocket costs isn’t only going to save people money, it’s going to save people’s lives.”

She also went on to say, “These are lifesaving medications that millions of Americans use daily and this change is going to provide significant relief for families across Minnesota. I applaud UnitedHealthcare’s decision and hope we’ll see other insurers follow suit.”

But for Kim Bladecki, her struggle continues are her insurance as yet to follow suit in United’s decision. She says the most convenient form of insulin is the most expensive and also says, "I had many routes and contacted many drug companies and stuff like that to try and get discounts and stuff out there. And I know a lot of people don’t have that access."