There’s a limit to shoveling all that snow

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They say you can never really be too old to do something, however when it comes to shoveling snow, there might be an age limit.

According to USA Today, thousands of people get injured; dozens die every year while taking care of that one winter chore.

And for those of a certain age or health status, experts say it might be best to leave the shoveling for someone else.

“Like disc herniated which also typically responds well to getting back to normal life but can be more severe. There can be more significant heart conditions as well or things like heart attacks that you would want to be cautious with," says James Warfield, a spine care program manager, and a physical therapist at Essentia Health.

When shoveling, there are different types of shovels to use that can be helpful in how you shovel the snow.

“Scoops are pretty common, a Yooper scooper is one of those kinds. Those are designed to push the snow rather than lift it so you can move a lot of snow; it does not require much effort and not quite as hard on your back.”

There are other factors to consider as well.

“Frequent breaks are differently a good idea, they can be helpful and it is going to vary person to person. But 10 minutes can be a good amount up to 30 minutes. I would say beyond 30 is where you would put yourself at more risk.”

Remember when in doubt, a snow blower is always easier on the body.