The cost of keeping cool during warmer days

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When trying to stay cool this summer, an effective price range is the goal as inflation is on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Thinking about staying cool and maybe even getting an ac unit, the cost of them can be a topic of discussion. "Price points can be across the board, but as you said, it depends on what the house needs, says Minardi. On top of that, what are the homeowner’s goals are. Most numbers and price point’s people might see between $4500 and $6500 dollars for a system replacement or system installation." Mitch Minardi is a member of Brent’s Heating and Cooling.

More people are investing in ac units than in previous years because the need for them wasn’t as valuable back in the days, unlike how they are looked at now. "We don’t have the same climate that we used to have. Ten to twenty years ago, people moved to Duluth or built a home and intentionally did not plan on putting in an air conditioner. They felt that the climate just wasn’t there for it, whether it was the budget they had or the needs in mind with their heating system. They just didn’t have the interest in air conditioning," said Minardi.

There are other methods to cool your home down; that can help save you a little money. "By closing your windows, your blinds, your shades, not allowing the BT use from the sun to beat down in that house all day long. If you try to block that, it is a little improvement, and they may make a difference when you are talking the hottest days of the year and not letting your house heat up."

If or when a new ac unit is called for, Minardi has two key points that you should try to keep in mind. "Replace at time of failure of the existing system or when that repair cost just outweighs the sense of it all.”

The average lifespan of an ac unit is between 15-18 years, depending on how well the equipment is maintained.