Northwestern Ontario voters re-elect incumbents to Parliament

Northwestern Ontario’s three incumbents will be returning to Parliament after an election that left the Liberals in control with a minority government.

Patty Hajdu, a Liberal who serves as Health Minister in Justin Trudeau’s government, won re-election in the Thunder Bay-Superior North riding. Hajdu received about 40% of the vote, followed by the New Democratic Party’s Chantell Bryson with about 27% and the Conservatives’ Joshua Taylor with about 25%.

The results were closer in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding. Incumbent Liberal Marcus Powlowski was re-elected with 34% of the vote, followed by Conservative Adelina Pecchia with about 29% of the vote and NDP candidate Yuk-Sem Won with about 28%.

Conservative incumbent Eric Melillo won re-election in the Kenora riding with 42% of the vote. He was followed by the NDP’s Janine Seymour with about 31% of the vote and the Liberal’s David Bruno with about 20%.

In all three ridings, People’s Party of Canada candidates received about 6% of the votes and Green Party candidates received between 1% and 2%.

LINK: Canadian election results