Duluth Target to expand grocery line, add adult beverages

The Duluth Target is planning to increase its grocery line and add a new adult beverage department as part of an expansion, according to documents submitted to the Duluth Planning Commission.

The 16,448 square-foot addition on the north side of the building, near Mall Drive, would expand the store’s size by about 12%.

Target’s application states that the expansion will include an expanded grocery area, a new adult beverage department near the entrance to the store, a reorganized checkout area, and a complete remodel of the interior.

Outside, the drive-up area will be moved to the north side of the store and temporary shipping containers that have been used for storage will no longer be needed. 64 parking spaces will be lost due to the expansion, but Target says the 523 that will remain are still more than is required for a building of its size.

"This reinvestment in our store and property will enable Target to continue to be a strong employment center and sales tax generator for the City of Duluth and the surrounding community for decades to come. This proposed multimillion dollar remodel and expansion investment will allow Target to improve our guest experience, product deliver and operational efficiency, be it in the store or through online fulfillment services," Target said in its development application.

The application states that the store will remain open during construction, which is scheduled to begin in spring 2022 and be completed in 2023.

The commission is due to consider the proposed expansion at its Oct. 12 meeting. City staff has recommended approval of the expansion with conditions.

The store originally opened in 1962 and was last remodeled in the early 2000s, when the entrance was moved from the northeast side of the store to the southeast side. The entrance will remain at its present location.