Duluth Police address recent juvenile shootings

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With the recent shootings in Duluth, one ending in a homicide, community members are giving their thoughts as to what needs to be done for the youth of Duluth. As the June 18th shooting, The June 23rd shooting, and the July 2nd shooting all were committed by minors.

In a virtual meeting Tuesday Chief Tusken noted the uptick in gun violence.

“You know this is the third time we’ve had significant violence done with firearms done by people who are juveniles”, says the Chief.

The Duluth Police continue to ask the public to report the possession of illegal firearms. That way they can seize them in a gun intervention and prevent future violence.

Chief Tusken says, "Many times guns that are used in these crimes are often times are obtained illegally whether they are obtained through an illegal purchase, whether they are from illegal possession."

To report the possession of an illegal weapon you can call 911.

Stolen guns result in a large percent of gun violence committed in Duluth however police have yet to confirm if the gun used in the July 2nd firearm was illegal.

Tusken says the department will continue to conduct gun interventions but also says, "It is really important for us to look at this as everyone one of us as brothers and sisters… we’ve got to be a community and look for ways to engage our youth."