Connecting to spirituality in many different ways

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Sometimes when life gets to be overwhelming, there can be times when you have to stop, take a step back, take a deep breath and find ways that can bring you peace. That peace can be in the form of spirituality, and now it is more sought after. "We all have our spiritual and physical limitations. If we connect to God, we can reach beyond that. We can see the bigger picture and how important it is what we are doing and the purpose of why we were created,” said Rabbi Ross of Chabad of Duluth.

Rabbi Ross talks about recognizing that as we take care of our minds and bodies, we can forget to care for our souls. "We are spiritual people, and we need to recognize that we are spiritual beings. We have to feed that the same way we feed our bodies. We have to feed our souls.”

Trying to comprehend and makes sense of everything going on around the world can sometimes be difficult. "We desire to make understanding of the things that we experience and the things that are going on in our world and often times we turn towards spirituality, says Pastor Clade of Hope United Methodist Church.

Connecting with your spirituality can be expressed differently. Pastor Claude mentions connecting with the word as one way. "Some ways that people connect are through prayer, reading scriptures, and other holy text.

Other ways can be through being around other people." Connecting with your family; that’s spiritual! Connecting with your community, helping another person, doing acts of goodness and kindness, making the world a better place; this is all spiritually, shares Rabbi Ross. We are not just talking about specifically religious experiences. We are talking about bringing that religious experience to every single person that we meet.

As you take time to connect with spirituality, Pastor Clade mentions remembering one thing. "There is no wrong way to connect spiritually because all spirituality and all faith traditions are rooted in a deep sense of love. Love of God, love of the creator, and love of neighbor.”