Chum prepares to tackle rising cost of Thanksgiving Meals

It isn’t too early for us to start thinking about Thanksgiving, especially the cost.

Chum is getting a head start on their annual Thanksgiving boxes by asking your help now.

The price has risen dramatically. What used to cost the group around $8,000 dollars before the pandemic now costs them $19,560.

the need is greater than every. Scott Van Daele of Chum says that people are unable to absorb the cost they used to from a can of corn to the pain at the pump. with pandemic relief about to expire even those who help struggle to meet the rising need. "Today, we had a person down south that brought us 150 dozen eggs that she didn’t know what to do with. So we rely on those things to get us through"

In partnership with the Open Your Heart Summer Challenge, your donation can be matched (up to $4,000 total).

Last Thanksgiving the food shelf served 729 families that included 447 children, 164 senior.