Bike Report: E-bikes

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With the increasing price of gas, many are making the switch to e-bikes for their commute.

“Eliminating a couple of days of riding or driving to work and supplementing that with an E bike is kind of a really big deal for a lot of people,” said Ski Hut Manager Cory Oseland.

E-bikes have many advantages, especially in Duluth.

“These types of bikes in our community kind of leveled the playing field for the geography,” said Oseland. “The hills and in Duluth can be nonexistent if you choose them to be.”

There are different types of e-bikes, for different needs. An e-bike also helps you get to your destination faster while providing a workout.

“People shouldn’t think that it’s a motorcycle, you still are pedaling it,” explained Oseland. “But if you have a situation where you really need to be somewhere quicker or you’re having trouble getting up one of the avenues in town, this is a solid option to do it. You just tap a little bit more with your thumb and you got it.”

Charging an e-bike is as simple as charging your phone.

“For me, it might be an hour, hour and a half on a simple wall outlet to charge the battery to get commuting for the entire week, and my commute time is within probably 80% of what it would be with my vehicle going back and forth to home,” said Oseland.

E-bikes are growing in popularity not only for commuters but also for those who bike for fun to be able to explore more areas.

“These are really fun recreational bikes that you can take and put on an automobile, bring to the Munger trail, bring to the Mesabi trail and do some weekend exploring,” said Oseland. “Maybe you’re maybe used to riding a bike for a half an hour and you’re completely exhausted. This will double or triple that option.”

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