Bike Report: adjusting your bike to fit you

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For a new biker, finding the right bike can be challenging.

“First thing we wanna do is find the right bike for you and the goals that you have as a rider,” said Ski Hut Manager Dave Neustel.

There are many different types of bikes, built for different types of riding, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, e bikes, fat tire bikes, and full suspension mountain bikes .

After selecting the type of bike that suits your needs, picking a frame size is the next step.

“You need to be able to stand over the frame and also the frame size determines the distance from the seat to your handlebars,” explained Neustel.

Once your frame size is selected, it’s time to adjust different aspects of the bike to fit your body type.

“We’ll adjust the brake levers so that they sit a little bit closer to the handlebars for you if you have shorter fingers or if you have longer fingers, we adjust them to be a little bit further from the handlebars,” said Neustel.

The handlebar can be adjusted as well.

“On basically all of our bikes, the handlebars come wide,” said Neustel. “What the manufacturers are expecting me to do is cut the handlebar down to fit you.”

With a bike adjusted to fit you, you’ll be ready to start biking.