Tips for lawn maintenance

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According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, most of the Northland is experiencing abnormally dry conditions, which is D-0 on the monitor. Conditions may worsen to D-1, which is moderate drought. While some impacts take a while to notice, the grass in your yard may already look different.

“I’m noticing lots of very dry lawns,” said CHS Superior Landscaping Owner Cole Sicheneder. “I think what it comes down to is people need to realize that they need to water their lawns, they need to have a sprinkler out there and they need to do it right.”

If you want your lawn to look nice and plants to stay alive, the time you water matters. 

“You want to water it early in the morning and then later at night in the evening,” said Sicheneder. “You don’t want to water it during the day because you don’t want water sitting on any vegetation while the sun is super hot. It’ll burn that vegetation so it’ll burn the plants or the grass or whatever it is.”

With the amount of water needed, having a green lawn is not for everyone. 

“I’ve got clients that have irrigation systems that go off twice and every single day, and I’ve got clients that have never touched a sprinkler to their lawn. So what it comes down to is how the client wants their property to look,” said Sicheneder. “I would say the right way to do it is to water at least twice a week.”