Record temp recap for the start of October

October, 2023 began with unseasonably warm weather and a number of record temperatures being set or tied in the Northland.

The National Weather Service’s official climate sites in our region are limited to Duluth, Hibbing, International Falls, Brainerd, and Ashland.

October 1 featured near-record warmth that was felt for inland areas while winds off of Lake Superior kept the Twin Ports cooler with fog. Duluth’s high was only 66°.

Meanwhile, Brainerd had a daily and monthly record with 89°. Brainerd also saw a record for maximum minimum temperature, which is essentially the warmest low temperature recorded for October 1.

International Falls set daily records with a low of 62° and a high of 84°. Hibbing had a record warm low of 59° and Ashland tied the record high temperature of 87° set in 1922.

October 2 brought a south wind which did allow Duluth to get a taste of the summery weather, but the high of 82° didn’t meet the record of 86° set in 1953. Duluth did manage a daily record warm low temp of 63°.

Brainerd did not set new records, but tied the previous records for daily high and low with 88° and 64°. International falls tied the previous record daily high of 87°.

The low of 69° was the warmest temperature ever recorded for the entire month of October in International Falls. The previous record was 64° in 2011.

October 3 didn’t bring any monthly records, but we did set daily records with both highs and lows for Brainerd, International Falls, and Duluth.

Our streak of records and unseasonable warmth ends here with cooler conditions moving into region on Wednesday.