Rainy and Windy Grandma’s Marathon

With Grandma’s festivities around now here the weather conditions for Duluth’s Big Race Saturday has changed for the better. The system looks to be moving farther south. I still think some rain is likely but just much lighter. Light drizzle along with fog will start the race, but showers look to increase some by the afternoon. If you are running the race rain gear and keep as dry as you can will be key. If you are looking for a silver lining, the winds may help get you across the finish line faster. Here is how its looking.

Rain will be light until the late afternoon (WDIO).
Grandma's Marathon Forecast
Grandma's Forecast Breakdown

William A. Irvin 5k on Friday

Periods of showers likely all day with gusty east winds.

4pm: Light rain and gusty east winds at 10-20 mph, 59°
5pm: Misty and winds continue out of the east 10-20 mph, 60°
6pm: Still wet and windy, east 10-20 mph, 60°
7pm: Rain intensity increases windy, east 15-25 mph, 58°

Grandma’s Full and Half Marathon (Saturday)

6am (Two Harbors): Light rain and gusty east winds at 15-25 mph, 53°
9am (French River): Misty and winds continue out of the east 15-25mph, 54°
12pm (Canal Park): Steady rain and windy, east 15-25 mph, 56°
3pm (Canal Park): A brief break is possible, east 15-25 mph, 59°