Daily average highs peak now into August

Climatologically speaking, the Northland has entered the warmest stretch of days of the year. The normal daily high temperature is generally at a peak beginning around July 10 and lasting about a week into August.

Daily normal temperatures reflect a thirty-year average. Currently, 1991 to 2020 is the period averaged for our daily normals. The National Weather Service has five climate sites in the Northland including Duluth, Hibbing, International Falls, Brainerd, and Ashland.

Duluth’s daily normal high peaks at 78° beginning on July 10. It holds steady there for nearly four full weeks, falling to 77° starting August 7.

Hibbing’s daily normal high of 77° also peaks starting July 10 and lasts one day longer, falling to 76° on August 8.

International Falls sees the peak normal high from July 10 through August 8 at 78°.

Brainerd peaks at 82° starting on July 9. The daily normal high drops to 81° starting July 30.

Ashland’s daily normal high tops off at 80° for a briefer stint from July 19 to 25.