Up North: Little Boppers Wiffle Ball League replacing T-Ball at Lake Park

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Lake Park baseball is starting something new this year, helping little ones receive an introduction to baseball via a brand-new league titled Little Boppers Wiffle Ball.

“This has taken the place of T-ball, we call it our Little Boppers League. Every kid got their own big wiffle ball bat, and they hit these lite flight balls that absolutely fly. So, our whole goal is to get kids swinging at baseballs, being aggressive and trying to hit home runs and just get them falling in love with the game of baseball,” said Lake Park baseball President Corey Kemp.

The program is designed for the needs of all the young players. Whether they still get distracted by the dandelions and dirt or if they just put on a glove for the first time, the Little Boppers Wiffle Ball League offers an exciting new way to learn the basic rules of baseball.

“Without the tee, they feel like they’re kind of copying the cool older kids that play baseball. Kids learn more hand-eye coordination and from what I’ve seen, they’ve all really excelled at their skills with this type of youth baseball,” added player mother Sara Novotny.

The program takes place two nights a week on Monday and Wednesdays beginning with throwing, hitting, and fielding mechanics. Using tennis balls, soft baseballs and then moving to a fun wiffle ball game.

“While there is some structure, a lot of it is like backyard baseball. We throw down some bases. Kids get three strikes, and if they don’t hit it, then we’ll put it on a tee and let them hammer it,” added Kemp.

“We set up small fields so they have an outfield fence where they can try and hit home runs. I’d love to be a kid again playing this type of baseball competing and having fun,” he continued.

All the new found fun however was all made possible and ran by volunteers.

“The word’s going to get out that this is something special that the Duluth community doesn’t have right now that we’re providing. The feedback from families, from kids, from parents and coaches has been very positive that they’re really enjoying this experience,” Kemp concluded.