Up North: Camp Esquagama heads to the Depot

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Summer camping is always a blast but for some it can be a little intimidating if you haven’t done it before. Well, this past weekend Camp Esquagama came right to our back yard at the Depot for a little introduction into the great outdoors.

With the goal of providing children, families, and individuals of all ages with a taste of the traditional summer camp experience right in the heart of Duluth.

“Our motto and mission statement is kids being kids. We want them to come and try different activities, have some fun learning games, learning about different cultures, from our staff, and just enjoy it,” said Camp Director Robert Johnson.

The event even brought young students from overseas to the Northland. Helping them transition from learners to teachers.

“I am studying to become a teacher in Germany, and I study the subjects PE and English. So, for my English studies I must do a semester abroad, so this is great experience for me to become a teacher and work with kids, said German exchange counselor Angelina.

The camp, which is based off Ojibwe traditions has been active for over 80 years and is known for its summer programs right here in St. Louis County, less than an hour away from Duluth on Lake Esquagama…

They used their event at the Depot was a chance to show the community a taste of the traditional summer camp experiences that they offer.

“It’s especially good to get out of your comfort zone and to learn who you are and what you want in life, especially when you’re young. You always learn something new from other people and I think that’s the one thing I enjoy the most,” said camp counselor Huig Hartevelt from Holland.

The fun day was capped off with arts and crafts to outdoor games, from team-building activities to ending with sing-along songs.