Meet Roger Reinert, challenger for Duluth Mayor

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“Hi, Duluth. My name is Roger Reinert, and I am a candidate for Mayor.

I am running for Mayor because like so many of you, I just think it’s time for something different. It’s time that we expect more, and do better with our core City services. Things like streets, utilities, and public safety. Our neighborhood parks and community centers, even engaging our residents. And I am running because we haven’t had a meaningful race for Mayor since 2007. In fact, four years ago, two-thirds of Duluthians didn’t even vote. That’s not healthy for Duluth, or for our democracy.

I come to this role with proven public sector, private sector, and military leadership experience. In my day job I am a licensed attorney, I teach college at St. Scholastica, and I am now in my 19th year of service with the United States Navy Reserves.

I have had the opportunity to serve you, Duluth. On the City Council for five years, and also three terms in the State Legislature in both the House and the Senate. After leaving the Legislature, I spent a year overseas in Afghanistan and then deployed to Italy at the start of the COVID pandemic.

The entire first part of our campaign was spent listening to you and taking notes. And out of that came your five big issues; housing across all incomes, growing our commercial tax base, streets (all-caps & lots of exclamation marks!!), Downtown Duluth, and affordable property taxes. These are not a list of complaints, they are your basic expectations of City Government.

And I am running for Mayor because like you, I believe the next Mayor and administration can take tangible, practical steps to do better in all of these issue areas, and I believe it’s time we do.

And Duluth, if you’re still undecided in this Election, I encourage you to cast your vote based on style alone. From day one, we’ve said that even in the way we campaign let’s expect more and do better. We have been positive, forward-focused, and focused on the big issues.

You have had the opportunity, Duluth, to see my public service over 20 years, a deep commitment to our community, State, and Country. And you have had the opportunity to see how I do work and how I approach it, thoughtful and hands-on; the ability to gather diverse stakeholders and develop practical solutions, and I hope you decide that’s a risk you’re willing to take.

Duluth, I invite you to check us out online. We’re at, and all of our socials are @rogerforduluth. I would love to have your trust and your vote on November 7th. Thank you.”