Wielding a plasma blade with and learning space sword fighting in Duluth

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When you step into Seven Dragons Martial Arts for the Si-Fi Battle Arena it’s like stepping into another realm.

Scott Frankovich and Nick Kuvaas lead the charge teaching their students how to wield a plasma blade, the Duluth Equivalent of a lightsaber.

After finding the space on 223 W. Michigan Street Duluth Frankovich says they were able to adapt the space to make a full experience training with the plasma blades.

You can find out more information on Seven Dragons Martial Arts here.

Scott Frankovich is a trained martial artist and has experience in Haidong Gumdo, but is also a big Star Wars fan. And this was his way of meshing the two together.

Bringing the personality of Star Wars but also the techniques of other sword martial arts.

We understand Frankovich is spelled wrong in the video attatched