Rubber Chicken Theater celebrates 20 years of Chicken Hat Plays

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Rubber Chicken Theater has put on Chicken Hat Plays for 20 years now. This Saturday, June 24, is a special 20th anniversary edition.

The Chicken Hat Plays get their name because on Friday night, eight writers draw Who, What, and Where prompts from various hats. They then write a 10-minute play from their prompts and perform it just one day later.

“They are eight original one-act plays that are created in 24 hours,” Brian Matuszak said. “So the plays we’re going to do Saturday night don’t exist right now.”

This year, there will be a “Super Special Cameo” from the musical group Dance Attic. There will also be eight “Super Secret Cameos” from mystery guests who will make short appearances in each play.

“We’ve got eight different local celebrities, people you might know … that will show up and they’ll say one line,” Matuszak said. “We’re going to have the same line delivered by eight different Super Secret Cameos throughout the evening.”

The Chicken Hat Plays are happening at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, June 24, at the Harbor City International School. Tickets at $20 per person.