Retirement transition considerations

Retirement transition considerations

Michelle Buria says money is not the only thing to focus on when planning retirement. It is important to keep structure.

Money is a big piece when it comes to retirement, but it’s not the only thing you need to plan for.

Certified Financial Planner Michelle Buria, Managing Director of Choreo, says that it’s important to plan for life beyond vacation. She describes it as feeling like an extended vacation, at first, “Our working lives are so structured. It’s okay for people to start thinking about their retirement lives in a more structure way.” Dedicate a day to hobbies, volunteering, or routine.

Social connection is another big piece, according to Michelle, “You’re not working and then all of a sudden… you don’t have that daily interaction.”

“It’s okay for people to start thinking about being socially connected.”

Michelle also suggests meeting with a financial planner because financially you’ll need to adapt, from saving to pending.