Learning around a campfire

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Who doesn’t like a campfire? And when it’s safe to have one, Creativity Coach Molly Ovenden says that campfires can help to keep a kid’s learning fresh.

The first reason is that it helps you get outside. Molly recommends going on a texture scavenger hunt, “I did that this afternoon before coming in. I found some textures of leaves and natural things that are around the house.”

Second it can lead to culinary experimentation. “The traditional is s’more. It can’t get any better than a s’more in my opinion.” Molly suggests amping up experimentation., “What if you try a different kind of cookie, instead of a graham cracker?”

Lastly it’s a time for storytelling. “This includes stories that are already written. “What if you make it tradition to read poetry around the fire?” It’s also an opportunity to recall your own stories and share those.