Learning about the Damiano Center

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The Damiano Center has been helping the community for 41 years.

Seth Currier the Executive Director of the Damiano Center says, “We’re more known for our community kitchen… We’re the largest emergency meal provider in Minnesota, and so we’re serving a lot of meals throughout the Northland.”

“From there we went on to have two clothing programs, kids afterschool program, basic needs, employment, addiction support groups… lot of different things.”

Recently they’ve launched their safe storage program- its a safe place for people to store their items, if they don’t have a safe place to do that. Its a secure location that only staff can get to.

And over the 41 years, they’ve had the opportunity to partner with different community organization. Seth tells us, “The Damiano is truly a community center.”

The newest partnership is with Chum. “It’s part of the stepping on up initiative. It’s called safe bay, and it’s in the parking lot. If people don’t have a place where they’re living, but they have a vehicle they can sleep in the parking lot. They have access to showers and services.”

The Damiano Center is also looking for volunteers, specifically weekend mornings and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings at community kitchen.

Volunteer apps are available on the organizations website.