How to organize your closet to keep it stress-free

How to tackle a closet reorganization

First, get started. Separate your items into boxes by what to hang, or fold. Also consider having an off-season space to swap your items.

As we transition into summer, it’s time to make our closet space into an organized space.

Organizer Kim Schlichting of Live Simply with Kim has a couple tips for where to start.

First she says to set aside some time for your self. The amount of time it takes to organize a closet is different from person to person. It could take a few hours or a few days.

Second gathering all of the clothes in one pile and separating it into different groups. From there you can decide what can be hung and what can be rolled up and put away.

Then creating a template in your closet and planning where different things could go is crucial. You want to make sure you have easy access to your favorite clothes.

Something that helps for some living spaces is a seasonal closet and putting stuff that is off season in there so your main closet space isn’t cramped.

Another important thing to remember is to put your favorites first and don’t settle. If you don’t “love love love it” then you can donate it or give it away.