Getting in touch with our senses

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Creativity coach Molly Ovenden is encouraging us to get in touch with our senses this Summer.

“We’re excited that the sun is actually shining, and there’s green grass. We’re engaging some of our senses, even subliminally not realizing it,” Molly tells us that it’s not just for children, it’s for adults too.

“The fascinating thing is that it can help with anxiety… When we experience our senses in the moment it lessens anxiety.”

No. 1: Listen to sounds

Molly suggests spending 2-5 minutes listening to what’s around us, “This is an activity that sign language interpreters can learn to do so they can be aware of those without hearing are missing. You may even just want to jot some of those things down.”

No. 2: Notice how things feel

Go to the shore of Lake Superior and check out the rocks. Don’t just look, touch them and engage with that tactile sense.

No. 3: Pay attention to taste when you eat

Molly uses citrus as an example, “When we can cook citrus and find new recipes using limes, lemons, tangerines, and grapefruits- it just adds that extra layer of fun in our food.” Think of that moment in Ratatouille when Remy tastes and experience different food.

No. 4: Get in touch with sense of smell

A bar of soap can do more than just wash your hands. You can also let that scent go through and invigorate your nose. Molly adds that sense of smell can trigger many memories as well.

No. 5: Notice details

“Something that me and my husband like to do is look through each other’s sunglasses every so often because it looks different… Literally allowing yourself the difference in sight with different shades of your shades,” Molly explains.