Everyday mindfulness

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We hear the word mindfulness quite a bit these days. There are many ways to dive into the topic from apps, to books, and even programs. But what is it really?

Stacy Crawford of Klear Water Coaching and Wellness refers to Jon Kabat, the founder of mindfulness, who says mindfulness is paying attention, non judgmentally, to the current moment.

Stacy says this practice can increase self-awareness and calm. It can help you regulate emotions, get a good night’s rest, and bring many physical health benefits.

Stacy tells us, “It is beneficial in nearly everyway that you can think of in your everyday life. Especially in relationships and communication.”

Imaging technology shows us that that mindfulness programs and meditation can influence our own biology and brain neuroplasticity.

When beginning the practice- Stacy recommends starting small. “It takes the brain a little while, and you kind of make a new groove and a new pathway, if you will. Then it can become more comfortable.”

But more importantly, it comes down to doing it everyday.

Practicing paying attention is also essential. There are so many things clamoring for our attention, and the first step might be recognizing it.

“We area multitasking bunch of folks. We also know from brain science that is an ineffective use. We may think we’re more mindful and intentional about our paying attention, but we’re not. So removing some of those distractions.”

Stacy says that a meditation app can be helpful in your practice. She recommends a free app called Insight Meditation. Adding that this and apps like it can further your practice and is proven to help change your brain.