Budgeting for your pets

How to have a financial plan for a pet emergency

Pets are a large part of the family. It is important to set aside money incase of a pet care emergency.

91% of pet owners describe their animals as part of the family. And just like the humans, Pets can be costly.

Certified Financial Planner Michelle Buria of Choreo offers her advice for dealing with a possible pet emergency. Michelle tells The Lift, “Anything can happen with our pets. Things can be expensive. With veterinary costs, surgeries can be $3,000 – 5,000 dollars. That’s a big impact on somebody’s wallet, particularly when you’re not expecting it. ”

No. 1: Create a pet emergency fund

Michelle suggests including any of those costs associated with a pet are also included in your emergency fund. She says it’s also okay to start a seperate savings account for your pet if you need to compartmentalize it.

No. 2: Get pet insurance

“Insurance is great for when you need it. If you buy it and you never have to use it that’s okay, because when you do need to use it is absolutely worth it,” Michelle says it can be for your piece of mind.

She recommends you do your research to figure out what the insurance covers beforehand.

No. 3: Negotiate a payment plan

Veterinarians may offer the option for a payment plan. It may be worth it to ask about an angel fund.