‘Blood in the Tracks’ tells story of re-recording Dylan songs

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“Blood in the Tracks: The Minnesota Musicians behind Dylan’s Masterpiece” hit bookshelves Tuesday. Authors Paul Metsa and Rick Shefchik wrote the story of six Minnesota musicians who helped Bob Dylan re-record five tracks on his “Blood on the Tracks album.”

Metsa is from the Iron Range and Shefchik is from Duluth, so they said it was a perfect balance to write the book.

“In 1965, my older brother brought home two Bob Dylan albums,” Shefchik said. “I was absolutely smitten by this guy. He changed my life, he changed music, and I’ve just always been fascinated with him ever since.”

The six musicians who took part in the re-recording of some of “Blood on the Tracks” didn’t get credit until 2018 when the “More Blood, More Tracks” box set came out.

“What interested us most about the book was telling the story of those musicians before, then during, and afterwards,” Metsa said.

“When he recorded with musicians that basically nobody outside of Minnesota had ever heard of, the national perception was, ‘What’s he doing here? And who are these guys?'” Shefchik said. “And people really didn’t have a chance to find out until this box set came out in 2018.”

They are still alive and working in the music business, Metsa says.

Metsa and Shefchik are giving a talk and signing books at 7 p.m. Thursday at the Zenith Bookstore.

Purchase the book through the publisher by clicking here.