24 hours to make a Chicken Hat Play

Writers and actors get 24 hours to produce Chicken Hat Plays

This Saturday at the Harbor City International School will feature eight plays - that do not yet exist - by the Rubber Chicken Theater.

Rubber Chicken Theater is excited to embark on another round of Chicken Hat PlayS.

It’s Saturday the 15th at 7:30 p.m. at the Harbor City International School. Eight writers, eight directors, and a whole bunch of actors will perform plays that they created within the past 24 hours.

Rubber Chicken Theater mastermind Brian Matuszak says he plans on sleeping Sunday because Chicken Hat Plays are not something to miss, “It’s something that the artists get a kick out of.”

Audience engagement adds an exciting piece to the Chicken Hat Plays. The theater company is looking for who, what, and where prompts ahead the show. Then the theater artists will take it from there.

Tickets cost $20 per person, and it’s cash or Venmo only. Call-ahead reservations are encouraged.

Contact: (218) 213-2780 or Brian@RubberChickenTheater.com