Wisconsin’s early in person voting using an absentee ballot

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Wisconsin’s early in person voting has some changes since 2020’s general election. During the COVID-19 pandemic, requirements for mail in absentee ballots changed to help with voter mobility. However, as states and many voters have recovered from the pandemic, voter integrity is the main concern.

Wisconsin’s Supreme Court made changes to accepting absentee ballots. An absentee ballot requires not only the voter’s ballot and information, but also a witness signature and address.

Camilla Ramos, the city of Superior’s city clerk explained more about the absentee ballot laws. “So there’s two types of absentee ballots. There’s one that we issue here in our office during the vote in person period. And those are processed just like the ones that we mail out 47 days prior to an election.” Ramos said.

When it comes to Wisconsin’s in-person absentee ballots, the staff at the city clerk office are able to sign as your witness to make your vote verified and counted. However, with mail-in-absentee ballots, the witness who signs their address cannot have a P.O. box address. The clerk office cannot accept a ballot with missing or incorrect information.

Wisconsin’s residents should also remember to bring a valid voter ID when they vote. “Out-of-state IDs are not acceptable. If it is a college I.D., it’s got to be issued by an accredited college in the state of Wisconsin or university.” Ramos said.

Something to keep in mind if you do plan to vote on Election Day, and if you are running out of time. Polling locations open at 7am November 8h and close at 8pm. However, if you are standing in line before 8pm, you can still cast your ballot.

For more information about Wisconsin’s absentee ballot changes you can read the story here https://www.wdio.com/front-page/top-stories/early-in-person-voting-wisconsin-ron-johnson-tony-evers/.

For more information about tracking your ballot, you can look here https://myvote.wi.gov/en-us/Track-My-Ballot.