Walleye fishing tips for Wisconsin fishing opener weekend

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Many anglers in Wisconsin are preparing for the Fishing Opener, but what are some worthwhile Walleye fishing tips? Walleye is often regarded as the steak of the lake, because the white meat ‘melts in your mouth’. Some of the Walleye fishing tips include water temperatures, depth, and time of day.

Jay Walker, the Executive Director at Great Lakes Aquarium, had several Walleye fishing tips regarding the Fishing opener. “But this is such a cool time of year for it. Walleyes spawn in the spring. And so usually that April/May is when they spawn” Walker said. “They’ll migrate off rivers, they go into shallow areas to kind of gravelly areas to lay their eggs. And once that spawn is done, then they start heading back to the other lakes or down those streams and they’re hungry. That’s why this is such a great opportunity for anglers to get out and catch this prized fish.”

Other Walleye fishing tips Walker shared include their habitats of cold dark waters. “One of the cool things about them is the way that they see. They have great eyesight, but they tend to stay in the darker areas of the water.” Walker said. “They can see really well in the dark. So when you are targeting them, you definitely want to look for some darker water, maybe early in the morning, late in the evening, those are the time to really to to focus in on when you’re fishing for a while.”

Another Walleye Fishing tip is looking at what’s the best bait to use. The most ideal bait for Walleye would be Minnows, however, nightcrawlers and leeches are also good alternatives. However, there’s still some ice out on some lakes in Wisconsin, which might make fishing for Walleye difficult. Another Walleye fishing tip that Walker said they might not be as aggressive this season, because of the late start to spring. “They’re fun to catch, there’s a lot of sport involved, but there’s a lot of puzzles to it. They’re not sometimes not the easiest fish to catch.” Walker said.

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